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Maribor & The Maribor Pohorje

 View of Maribor across the river

Panoramic view of Maribor town centre

Maribor is a pleasant town with good shops and some sights, including the 400 year old vine (said to be the world’s oldest). You can explore the wine region north of the town or the Maribor Pohorje to the South.

400 year old vine in Maribor Maribor Vineyards Maribor lakes
            400 year old vine           Maribor Vineyards            Maribor Lakes

A good walk/cycle from the centre of the town, is to follow the way-marks through the city park (red dot with white surround). It takes you through the park, past some lakes them up into the low hills and vineyards to the north of the City (Ribniško Selo). When you reach the road, there is a good Pizza restaurant (Pizza Casa Mia) a little further around the bend. You can also continue to follow the way-marks along a track just across the road. After a further 20 minutes or so there are good views. (At this point we turned back as the full circuit is long and requires a day to complete).


Skiing in the winter, hikes, mountain biking, Summer Tobogganing and even hot air ballooning in the summer. Either drive right up to the Hotels Areh or Bellevue (Chair lift €5.80 each one way), or take the cable car from the station on Pohorska Ulica in Zgornje Radvanje. (6 miles from Maribor Centre). See for details.

 Hiking in the Pohorje Mountain Biking in Pohorje Hot air ballooning in the Pohorje

Drawing showing the main ski slopes of the Pohorje mountains near Maribor


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