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Other Local Places to Visit

River Mura

There is a floating water mill (Plava Joči Mlin) on the Mura at IŽAKOVCI. It is open Wednesdays (8am – 6pm) and Friday – Sunday (9am – 10pm). There are also walks along the Mura and a ferry across to Banovci.

 Plava Joci Mlin
Plava Joči Mlin

Babič’s Mill in VERŽEJ is a working floating watermill. You can also buy flour, buckwheat (dark grains) and cornmeal there. It seems to be normal practice, after admiring the water wheel working, to wander into the mill, duck under the chute and go up the stairs to where staff will serve you and you can see the interior workings. Take care though, particularly with children, as the safety standards are somewhat below UK standards.

Babic Mill
Babič’s Miln

The Banovci terme nearby appears to be a bit quieter than some of the others in the area. There is a slide, children’s pool and several thermal pools. The sauna/steam room area is particularly nice (no swimsuits allowed), but you cannot gain access to the pools (you'll need to finish your sauna, get dressed and enter the other side of the building and pay another entry fee for this). Free fruit tea and water is available in the Sauna area.

Wine Routes: South of Velika Polana

JERUZALEM - LJUTOMER WINE ROUTE: About 15 minutes drive from Velika Polana. You can cycle or drive through the region visiting the numerous wine cellars. Also at Središče Ob Dravi you can visit the Pumpkin Oil pressing factory. You can buy cheap pumpkin oil at the shop and ask at the shop for a tour of the factory.

At Ljutomer you can watch trotting races. Races are usually on a Sunday at 2pm. You need to buy a programme to enter, which costs around 5 Euros. (Check dates of races with local tourist office).

HALZONE WINE ROUTE: Wine route near Ormož


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