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Velika Polana

 Velika Polana from the air
Velika Polana from the air

Velika Polana (our Village) is an officially designated stork village (settlement with 10 or more storks’ nests). It was also the home of Miško Kranjec, a famous Slovene writer. His homestead (which is also the tourist information office) can be visited.

Church in Mala Polana                         A typical street in Velika Polana
Church in Mala Polana                    Stork in Velika Polana                           A typical street

The village has 2 small supermarkets (Tuš and Mercator), a cash-point, 3 pubs within walking distance a new restaurant and riding centre called Ranc Vermida (the owner speaks good English) and a hardware shop. It is surrounded by fenland and fields growing sunflowers, pumpkin and wheat. The best way to explore the area is by cycling or walking the numerous tracks indicated on the Pomurje map. However, the map isn’t totally accurate and there are quite a few tracks not marked on it. Many of the unmarked tracks only provide access to fields. 

Polanski Log nature reserve
Polanski Log nature reserve

You can visit the home of Miško Kranjec, a famous Slovene writer. It always looks closed, but the owner will show you around if you can find her. However it is of limited interest if you don’t know the writer or speak Slovene. No information is available in English.

The tourist information can also organise visits to local craftsmen. One is based at 103 Mala Polana (

Copek’s Mill can be found on the cycle route to Lendava. There has been a mill at this spot since the 16th century.

 Copek's Mill

Pomurski Summer Festival (

This festival takes place in Velika Polana during the first week in August. If visiting at that time you can watch or take part in various “sports” and activities. In 2006 these included football matches (Nogometna) between “Mayors & Priests” and “Press & Politicians), Cycle tour of area (Kolesarjenje), Petang (Balinanju), Volleyball (Odbojka), Nordic walking (Nordijska Hoja). Sporting highlights are the annual raft race on home made rafts (Sam Svoj Colnar) and the “Olimpics” (Olimpijada) of village games. In the evenings there are concerts in a large marquee and smaller local acts in a smaller marquee. The cost of the evening entertainments is 1000 - 1500 SIT, depending on the acts.

Velika Polana raft race Velika Polana raft race
Velika Polana raft race Pomurski Summer Festival
Pomurski Summer Festival Pomurski Summer Festival

Velika Polana Website: (not in English but some nice photos)


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