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A to Z Things to do during your Stay

This page summarises some of the things you can do during your stay. You will find more details in other parts of this website and in the guides we have provided at the house.

You will find information about many of the places mentioned below on the Slovenian Tourist Information website

Cycling: Cycling is easy and popular. We have a couple of new bikes and a couple of older bikes for cycling around the villages. (We do not provide safety helmets or children's bikes). You can also hire bikes (including electric bikes or go on cycling tours from the Thermal spa in Lendava. You will find information on cycle routes in our information pack at the house. Alternatively just potter around the local lanes using the bikes provided, but take a map to reduce the risk of getting lost. If you prefer mountain biking, you can hire bikes at the Maribor Pohorje and there is a scary downhill course which starts at the top of the chairlift.

Culture: Lendava's culture centre may have a show or concert. Their website is but information is not in English.

Eating out: Eating out is cheap and there are some good restaurants. There are also some not so good ones. We give recommendations in the guide we provide at the house.


Fantastic Views: Holy Trinity Church, Lendava, Goriko National Park, Jeruzalem, Castle at Ptuj, Maribor Pohorje, summit of Invansčica in Croatia

Festivals: Many festivals are held in villages throughout the Summer. One of the largest is the Pomurski Summer Festival ( which takes place in Velika Polana in the first week in August. Lendava holds a “Bograč (kind of wild game stew) Fest”  in the Summer and wine festival in the autumn.

Fishing: There are lots of lakes and rivers to fish in. There is a rod and tackle available for guest use. There are fishing lakes in Velika Polana and Mala Polana (neighbouring village). Bukovnijisko Jez (Lake Bukovnik) (North of Dubrovnik) also has fishing. For details see our page on Goricko National Park.

Golf: There are three golf courses nearby. One at Terme 3000 at Moravske Toplice (about 25 mins drive) and one at Ptuj (about 1 hour drive) ( There is also a short par 3 at Sveti Martin in Croatia.

Historic sites: Castles in Grad, Murska Sobota, Lendava, Ormož & Ptuj. Ptuj is also an attractive medieval town. Varaždin (Croatia) and Graz (Austria)  are also historic towns. Also see floating water mills; Rotunda church, Selo; Plečnik’s church, Bogojina. Also village museum in Őrség region of Hungary, Trakoščan Castle in Croatia, The abbey church, Ják, Hungary


Horse riding and trotting: The Vermida Ranch in Velika Polana offers hors riding and trotting. The owners speak English. Trotting races are held regularly at Ljutomer.

Hot air ballooning: Available at the airfield in Rakičan (on road between Murska Sobota and Velika Polana)

Hunting: In Slovenia's hunting areas you can hunt brown bear, roe and red deer, wild boar, chamois, moufflon, fallow deer, small game (hare, pheasant, duck), and small predators (pine marten, fox, stone marten, badger). Hunting has to be organised in advance. By the  Peskovci Potok stream, lies the Kompass pheasant hatchery and hunting ground. There are large hunting grounds for small and big game in the Velika Krka Valley nearby.

Meeting the locals: Bars in the village, though they can be quite smoky. Many of the English who have houses in the area meet in the “English Pub” in Murska Sobota. If you say hello to the neighbours you may get invited to join them for a jug of wine.

Mountain sports:  Maribor Pohorje has a range of winter and summer activities, including hiking, mountain biking, summer tobogganing, skiing, snow boarding. Maps of the Pohorje area are provided.

Shopping: 2 small supermarkets in Velika Polana. Several larger supermarkets in Lendava. Also a large Spar in Beltinci (on road between Murska Sobota and Velika Polana). There is a large BTC shopping centre and Interspar hypermarket on the outskirts of Murska Sobota, on the way to Moravske Toplice. Maribor is also good for shopping. Further afield: Pottery in Őrség region of Hungary, market (food & produce) in Varaždin and good shopping centre Graz.  At Središče Ob Dravi you can visit the Pumpkin Oil pressing factory  and buy pumpkin oil. Babič’s Mill in Veržej is a working floating watermill where you can also buy flour, buckwheat (dark grains) and cornmeal.

Swimming and Spas: Eastern Europeans love their Termes (Spas) and there are many in  the area. They each have several warm water and swimming pools, plus flumes etc. to entertain the kids or the young at heart. You can easily spend a whole day there. Typical costs are around 7-8 Euro for swimming all day or 11 Euro if you also want to access the sauna area. Prices are less for half day or night visits. There are also a range of “treatments” available at additional cost. 

Spa etiquette: With the exception of Ptuj Terme, you must not wear a swimming costume in the sauna or steam room . Sheets are provided, which can be used to protect your modesty. You must use these to sit on in the sauna. In the steam room you can either use the sheet or wash down the area where you sit with the hose provided. If you do not follow these rules you will be scowled at by grumpy Austrians!

  • Moravske Toplice has the largest Spa Complex: Terme 3000.There is a large thermal spa, 18 hole golf course and bike hire. Further information can be found at The Vivat is on the opposite side of the main road to the main Terme 3000 complex. Up a street behind the row of shops). It is signposted.

  • Lendava Terme: is the closest  It is open to 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays and is very nice to visit in the evenings.

  •  Hotel Diana ( ) (Centre of Mrska Sobota) has a small spa which is usually quiet. Also good value.

  • Gotth’art Hotel,Szentgotthard, Hungary is our favourite ( ), however it is a good hour’s drive away, so best to combine with a visit to the area. (See Longer Excursions guide). The Spa is good value, particularly if you use your credit card to pay in sterling rather than paying in Euros.

  • Spa and Golf Resort Sveti Martin, in Croatia: This one is very close being just across the Mura, although you will bneed to go via Lendava


Walking: You can follow the trails on the Pomurje map. Goricko national park is particularly nice. Also the Őrség region of Hungary and Maribor Pohorje. (It takes about 1.5 hours to walk from the top of the chair lift back to the bottom). Maps of all these area are provided at our house and we are including suggested walks as we experience them.

Wildlife and Nature: Velika Polana is an officially designated stork village. They arrive in the spring and leave in the Autumn. You can see them in nests in many of the local villages or in the fields. You can also explore the fen areas around Velika Polana where you may see deer and a variety of bird and plant life.  Also visit Goricko National Park:, the  Maribor Pohorje or the Őrség region of Hungary. Ledavsko Jezero (Lendava Lake) (North west of Murska Sobota, by Austrian Border) is a natural breeding ground for wild ducks and a sanctuary for birds during their winter migration. The river branches, stagnant pools, marshy meadows and pebbly islands around the river mura provide a diverse habitat for rare animals and plants.

The landscaped park around Ormož castle contains 140 different tree species.

Wineries & Wine routes: Lendava; Goriko National Park; Jeruzalem - Ljutomer Wine Route; Halzone wine route, near Ormož . Radogona-Kapela Hills (Between Maribor and Murska Sobota, South of  Gornja Radgona) (Slovenia) & Bad Radkersburg (Austria)).




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