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Living Room/2nd Bed
Double Bedroom
Utility Room





Book Flights

Ryanair fly to Graz (Austria) airports from Stansted (1 hour drive to reach our property) (NB In Austria the car hire company may charge you for taking the car into Slovenia. Check before you book).
Easyjet fly to Ljubljana (Slovenia) from Stansted (2 hours drive)

WizzAir fly from London (Luton) to Zagreb (Croatia) (2.5 hours)

Germanwings fly from London (Stansted) to Zagreb

See for other options

We recommend flying into Ljubljana and spending the last day of your holiday in Ljubljana or the Mountains near the airport. We can advise on overnight accommodation if you want to do this.

Book Car Hire

We recommend We've found them to offer great value wherever you want to go!
Please note: if you hire a car in Hungary, Croatia and Austria it will not have a vignette for travel on Slovenian motorways. If you do not want to buy a vignette, we will give you directions to our property avoiding the motorway.